Sunday, December 19, 2010

Meet Up with Friends at Resorts World Manila

Yesterday December 18, 2010 hubby together with our balikbayan friends (Awie and Shie from Singapore - Otep from US - Jhonix and Benz from Baclaran, Philippines hahahaha) decided to meet up at Resorts World Manila. We decided to try the resto Murrays New Orleans Bourbon Street Steaks & Oysters.

New Orleans NewPort City Branch
Lunch @ Murray's New Orleans (Resort's World)
from left: Benz sister, Shie, Awie, Otep
from rigth: Benz, Jhonald, Me, Jhun
a shot from the Murray's Bar (Jhun, Otep, Jhonald and Awie)
We ordered the following:

Starters: Fried Calamari (P279), Pete's Famous Buffalo Wings (P269), Bake Potato Wedges (P269)

Salads  : The BLT (P285)

Main    : New Orleans Baby Back Ribs - Classic on Blackened (P698), The Ultimate Southern Fried Chicken (P365), Creaole Seafood Jampaella (P698), Oysters Amatricana (P335)

Their food was really great (specially the Calamares and Seafood Jampaella) and we'll surely go back to this resto.

After eating lunch we decided to go to casino to play Money Wheel. Their Casino is so big with lots of Slot Machines. The good thing is they are not that strict in terms of attire and cellphone cameras.  I started playing with P2000 and luckily doubled the money in less than an hour (i bet that's why casino is addicting), after winning we decided to stop and covert our chips to cash.

How to Play Money Wheel
-The dealer calls for bets before spinning the wheel. Minimum and maximum bets are displayed on the table.
-Place your bets within the marked boxes on the table with symbols that correspond to those on the wheel.
-The symbols are easily recognizable—they are mostly Philippine peso bills. The payouts get higher with higher denomination bills.
-Payouts are indicated on the layout, starting with the Php50 bill, which pays 1 to 1, and topping off with the Newport City and Resorts World Manila symbols, which pay 47 to 1.
-The dealer calls for last bets and spins the wheel.
-When the wheel stops, the dealer places a puck, or marker, on the table to indicate the winner.
-The dealer collects all the losing bets and pays the winners.
My Resorts World Free Membership Card

It's such a great and fun day that i wouldnt forget so happy that again we had a chance to go out together. I love u guys...hope there's a lot of next time together...


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