Friday, January 21, 2011

CordLIfe Philippines

Last August 2009 Master Kimi got infected with a rare disease called Kawasaki Disease and it was such a horrible experience because he needs to stay in the hospital for almost a week. He was the youngest Kawasaki case in Las Pinas because he's only 4 months old that time. It requires an expensive drug called IVIG, The drug worth Php 10,000 per vial and 1 vial is equivalent to 1 kilo weight, my son was just 6 kilos that time so we need 6 vials, that's why when i got pregnant again hubby convinced me to enroll our 2nd child for a Cord Blood Storage at CordLife Philippines.

Advantages of storing umbilical cord blood stem cells are:
  • A guaranteed match for autologous transplants (where the donor and recipient are the same individual)
  • A readily available supply of stored haematopoietic stem cells. This compares well to having to do a national or international search which is costly and time-consuming in an already time critical situation.
  • Lower risk of Graft vs. Host Disease for autologous transplants, a situation where the transplanted tissue attacks the patients own tissue.
  • Ease of collection, which is pain-free and risk-free to both mother and child.
  • Umbilical cord blood stem cells are more vigorous, have a higher rate of engraftment and are more tolerant to tissue mismatches, compared to other types of stem cells, e.g. bone marrow.
Diseases Treatable with Stem Cells

1st payment of Php 42,000 then Php 9,000 every year for 18 years
The CordLife Kit
Me Placing the Seal
The Storage Room
Posing for CordLife
CordLife Kit Box Cover
Certificate from CordLife that the my Cord Blood Cells is now on storage 
We regret that we were not able to enroll my 1st child in Cordlife. But in case of emergency, my 1st child can use the CordBlood of my 2nd child because it's 75% match.

So to all soon to be mothers It's a "One Chance, One Choice" because you can never turn back time.
Cord Blood comes only once with your child's birth.
 Preparedness comes with Peace of Mind

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