Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Of all the applications that i downloaded from the internet...i consider Picasa Web Album as the best. It's very useful to me specially that im on Digitat Arts. What i love about it are the following:

- view all the pictures in all format even in .psd format.
- filter all the files by photos and videos only.
- put locations and names to faces for easy search.
- see and locate duplicate images which really saves a lot memory in my laptop. 
- print directly on it with all types of paper
- edit picutres instantly specially the "red eye".
- organize photos.
- print posters and collage.
- burn a Gift CD.
- instanly play videos w/o opening other media player with direct upload to YouTube.
- easily locate any photos or videos.
- instantly upload my files Picasa Web.
- easily access webcam and take photos and videos.
- take a snapshot picture on my videos.
- easily import photos from camera or any device.
- easily choose which folders to scan always. 
My .PDF files is shown like .jpg file
Printing Options
Extraction of Duplicate Files
Video Player with Snapshot Taker and direct upload to YouTube
File Extensions that can be read by Picasa
Slideshow Maker and Editor
Folder options which you want Picasa to scan

I bet these are only few of what Picasa can really do. Im so glad to have it...

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