Thursday, March 24, 2011

Suncellular Postpaid Free Handset

Yesterday hubby went to Suncellular to pay our 3 Plan 350 postpaid lines. He was informed that he can now avail another free postpaid plan handset, since one of our postpaid line already finished the two year contract. I've been a subscriber of Suncell since it was first introduced in the market (though i really find it hard to have a signal most of the time tsk..tsk...), maybe because of it's unlimited text and call features. So hubby called and asked me which handset to's the choices for Plan 350:

Hubby prefers the Samsung C3303 Champ, but i don't like and I'm not into touch screen phones so i just settled on "My Phone B26 Duo", since i find dual Sim phones more useful. Unfortunately, it's out of stock.. then just decided to have the "My Phone QT7 Duo" instead. 

My Phone QT7 Duo

What i like about it: 
It has a built in My Faith which has 365 days with the Lord, Rosary, Stations of the Cross, Novenas, Prayers, Holy Mass etc., its Dual Sim feature and it's FREE (for 2 years Plan 350 contract with Suncell)

Dislike: It's a Qwerty phone. (I'm not really particular in mobile phones. Any model or brand will do as long as i can use it for call or text and it's user freindly.. no matter how cheap it's fine with me...)

Just visit for more details and to see available postpaid plan handsets that fits you, you lifestyle and your budget...

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Zab Clement said...

I found your review very impressive, clear, detailed and direct to the point. I am also a suncellular user and I found sun load very easy and affordable to use! Thanks!

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