Monday, April 18, 2011

Resort's World Free Kaos Ticket

While paying for Khloe's Christening at Resorts World Red Crab, the staff informed hubby that we have free 2 Deluxe Tickets for KAOS worth Php 1,888.00 each . We we're happy and excited because everytime we visit RWM, we always see pack of people and a long  line for Kaos, which means it's really a must see show and we also know that the cheapest ticket already costs a thousand bucks. At first we we're thankful for the tickets but when I read the flyer, my jaw dropped and my smile fades.....

Because the christening event costs us Php75,000.00+ and the flyers shows that
1 Free Ticket = at least Php 2,500 spend at any RWN Restaurant

Grrrrr....we should have split the christening costs to atleast 5 receipts to have 5 free tickets for other members of our family ("super sayang talaga..."). But it's already hubby just chose a schedule and got the ticket for the two of us. 

Here's the show schedule and ticket price for Kaos
Our ticket, scheduled on May 08, 2011,
also our wedding anniversary
KAOS?  what kind of show it is...and what is it all about?

Kaos with The Manila Symphony Orchestra

A classic adventure of a handsome prince, a beautiful maiden and an interfering advisor.
A never ending search for true love...
Las Vegas meets Broadway in a one-of-a-kind musical spectacle never before seen in the Philippines.

The Story

In a medieval kingdom, a lonely prince peers into a magical mirror and falls in love with a beautiful maiden from the future. As the past and the future converge, the two discover a love that transcends time and overcomes seemingly impossible odds.
This is the story of KAOS, a visual and musical spectacle unlike anything Manila has ever seen.

The Cast

Celebrated performers headline this one-of-a-kind production. Livewire singer and theatre actor Gian Magdangal will play the valiant Prince, Filipina-Portuguese Canadian Idol standout Martha Joy will take on the part of the Heroine, while versatile thespian Joel Trinidad will don the role of the interfering Advisor. Seasoned vocalist Jemuel Victorino provides solid support as the King.

Gian, Martha, Joel and Jemuel will be performing well-loved songs specially selected for the show, with no less than the Manila Symphony Orchestra providing the musical score.

Central to the story is none other than the title character, Kaos, a real and rare white lion.

Kaos is part of the menagerie of world-renowned animal performers, which includes Sito the white tiger and Betty the yellow tiger, all specially trained by Spanish master illusionist Enrique Polo, who also plays the Good Wizard.

The Defying Gravity Troupe from China and the Power Duo, a world renowned act from Belarus, will test the limits of physical endurance with their riveting performances.

Motorcyclists from Spain will do amazing jaw-dropping stunt work in the Cycle of Life, while the Human Time Machine from Columbia will showcase feats of superb balance and synchronization.

Hip Hop dance champions Philippine All Stars and electrifying dancers from Europe will energize the show with their winning moves.

The Newport Performing Arts Theater

Witness the wonder of KAOS in the spectacular 1,500 seat Newport Performing Arts Theater (NPAT), Resorts World Manila. NPAT has an exclusive VIP section and features state-of-the-art technology, lighting and sound system. It also has the largest Euro LED wall ever built in the Philippines. The Euro LED wall is installed at the center of the stage, which serves as a backdrop for sceneries in 3D.

A home to major productions such as Broadway musicals, concerts and pageants, Newport Performing Arts Theater is where the enchantment unfolds.

I bet this are the reasons why Kaos ticket are a bit pricey. Can't wait to see and experience the show.
So remember if you spend anything at RWM don't forget to ask for the discount or the free ticket.

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