Thursday, February 10, 2011

Creative Cutter Inspiration Die Cutting Machine

I've been searching thru the web for Die Cutting Machines for my crafts and i found this super great all-in-one cutter "Pazzles Creative Cutter Inspiration" can print, engrave, emboss, pierce, cut etc...what more could you ask for. I badly want this!!!!....approximately Php 24,000. This will make me more creative without limits. But i can't prioritize this for now because we still have bigger expenses for our future house. But soon you'll be mine...mine...mine..

With the Creative Cutter Inspiration you can:
-Design and cut your own images from clipart, photographs, drawings, or freehand your own designs
-Cut up to 12'' wide and 24'' long
-Cut all kinds of cardstock including textured cardstock and Bazzil
-Cut chipboard, vinyl, iron on, stiffened fabric, thin acrylic, stick paper, magnet paper, stencil plastic, and  much more!
-Cut fonts already installed on your computer
-Add additional tools to draw, distress, pierce, engrave, and emboss
-Use our advanced software to automatically outline, automatically weld, automatically convert clipart to cuttable images, and much more!

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