Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ground Breaking and Offering

Last Monday (February 08, 2011) Engineer Almacen arrives with his workers for the clearing of the lot where our house will be constructed. Our 278 sq meters lot was idle for almost 10 years and the Engineer believes that an idle lot with a lot of trees is a home for spiritual elements (like nuno sa punso, dwende, kapre etc.). By offering chicken's blood, rice and salt gives them a polite and peaceful warning that they need to find another place to live and we are already claiming the said lot. The clearing of the lot will scheduled from February 8-16, step is the construction of the foundation...

Here's some of our pictures in the said "Offering"

the poor chicken being cut off...
Me trying to hold the poor dead chicken
Engineer Almacen, Hubby, Me, Mommy and Daddy 
Almacen's workers unloading some of the materials they need in the construction
 including the scaffolding and cement mixer

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