Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Kimi's Educational DVD Collections

It's really an advantage if you start to train your kids to watch educational videos at a young age. We started to buy my son Kimi educational DVDs December 2009. He's 1st Cd's was Brilliant Baby (Colors, Shapes, Numbers and Opposites Edition). Starting then we noticed that he's really focused when watching the video and after a month at the age of 1yr. 9 mos. we were amazed coz he already knew how to count from 1-10 and he even recognizes every number...then i tried to asked him about the colors...as expected he already knew all the basic colors. What's more amazing is when we asked him about the shapes, not that he only knew the basic shapes...he also recognize shapes like Octagon and Trapezoid.

Some of Kimi's Educational DVD Collection
He's 1st DVD Set "Brilliant Baby"
He's Movie Cartoons Collection
We owe Kimi's ability to talk early and clearly to this educational Cd's. That's the reason why my husband continuously buy Eeducational CD Collection even it's a bit pricey. Now at the age of 2 he knew all the letters of the alphabet, counts 1-30, memorize a lot of children's songs, recognizes and locate few countries in the world map (even the small island of hawaii), knew how to already navigate and control everything in his ipod touch and most of all he already knew some of the star drivers in Formula1(it's not obvious that we really love F1).

(06.25.2010 2yrs 2mos.) Kimi Knows some of Formula1 Stars

(08.03.2010 2yrs. 4mos.) Kimi singing the alphabet song

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