Thursday, March 10, 2011

Busy Wednesday

Yesterday (9th of March 2011) is one busy and tiring Wednesday...

First Stop:
Went to Mall of Asia for my kids pictorial session at The Picture Company. Then have our lunch at Racks, as usual we ordered my sons favorite..Rack's super yummy and creamy Clam Chowder and Fried Chicken. Their chicken comes with old fashion biscuits, honey and gravy. It taste great and very crispy, what i love most about it comes in big parts and the gravy's taste is one of the best.
Our Favorite Clam Chowder comes with two slices of garlic bread
My son munching on his favorite Clam Chowder Soup
My slice of fried chicken and old fashion biscuits
Then decided to have a short coffee break, i went to Dunkin' Donuts Cafe while my son played at MOA Quantum. I was impressed by the new cozy look of DD Cafe. I tried their Cappuccino (Large for only Php 68) and honestly... i so love it, It has the right amount of bitterness and sweetness.

Dunkin' Donuts MOA New Look
Khloe enjoying the DD Cafe's Hanging Lamp
Dunkin' Donuts Coffee Special Combo
Second Stop:
Since my daughter's christening date is getting closer, i really need to finish her invitations and give aways . Hubby and I decided to have a Tumbler as souvenirs (like those Create-your-own Starbucks Tumbler). Hubby went home with the kids and I went straight to Divisoria to look for Tumblers. Luckily, i immediately found what i'm looking for.

Bought this Tumbler for only Php50 in Divisoria

Third Stop:
After buying 60pcs. of tumblers i decided to leave it  in our office, which is in Intramuros,since it's a bit heavy and  hubby can't fetch me for he is still with a client. Then rode the LRT to EDSA to drop by BigPix Graphic System to buy my cutting plotter a new carrier sheet. 

Carrier Sheet (Php 750)
You can find a lot of small business tools in BigPix like PVC ID Maker set, Mug Press Machines etc. You can visit their shop at the address located in the receipt below...

Finally i can start cutting my daughter's invites.

Fourth Stop:
Rode a PUJ going to MOA to drop by National Bookstore to buy other crafting materials. I bought the following:

Photo Papers
Fun Crafting Scissors
Popsicle Sticks
Thin Double sided tape
Glue Tape
Crafting Knife (Php 207.00)
Last Stop:
Grocery with hubby and Kimi at SM Hypermarket Las Pinas for our kids Milk, Nappy and Foods. It's not really cheap to have 2 kids nowadays. We spend Php 5,000 just for their milk, nappy and foods trice a month...imagine that?.  My kids are just so blessed to have a hard working daddy, who wants all the best for them. Our grocery items for our kids includes:

Large Pampers Nappy for Khloe
XXL EQ Nappy for Kimi
Progress Gold Milk for Kimi
NAN1 HW for Khloe
Kimi's Snacks, Foods, Fruits and Drinks
My Fav "Kesong Puti"
Since it's Wednesday it's MOB day (My Own Bag) at SM
(they wont use plastic for your groceries, they'll use box and paper bags instead)
My 2 Handsome Man enjoying the Walkalator
So tired....but happy because i accomplished everything in one day...

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