Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Grocery Day

Yesterday we went to SM Hypermarket Las Pinas to buy our kids nappy and milk. It's Tuesday, only 6 days since our last grocery and now our kids already have few stocks of supplies left. Before going out, we first ate our dinner which consists of Kellogg's Cornflakes and Low Fat Milk, since we're both on a diet. We're trying to loose weight by eating Oatmeal on breakfast and Cornflakes for dinner. 
our dinner
I promised my self to bring my own bag to help save planet earth from non biodegradable plastics, but as usual I forgot my SM shopping bag again. Before entering the grocery store, i borrowed hubby's Prestige Card then swipe it in the rewards machine to have their SM Advantage Freebies while my boys went to Tom's World to play.

Hubby's fading prestige card

Advantages of having a Prestige Card:

the free grilled bbq with java rice
That day they have the free "Grilled BBQ with Java Rice" for every Php500 worth of groceries.

and since i bought some of  "SM's Buy Me Items" i had a chance to spin the roulette and get another free item.
Got this free Kissa Lotion
Imagine Php 2,300 just for 13 items...hay everything is so expensive nowadays...

Then meet my boys at Toms son's favorite hang out place....

Kimi with Tom
"Kimi: mommy naipit ng bubbles si Tom"

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