Friday, March 4, 2011

My Crafting Tools

Ever since i was a child i really love arts and craft. Accomplishing every project makes me happy specially if i made it very unique and the client liked it. Maybe that's one of the reason why most of my invitation projects is free of charge. All of my works are really hand crafted, i cut it all by hand using the best tools ever... scissors and cutter. I like to have a lot of crafting tools and materials, sadly most of  them are not available here in the Philippines. I still need to order it on online stores from other countries which is a bit too pricey. Sometimes i used improvised tools just to meet the concept of my imagination.

Here are some of the tools i use in Crafting and Arts...
Canon Printer with CIS "continuous ink system"
(bought by hubby for my projects)

- Cutok Cutting Plotter (Php 9,000)
- Cutting Mat 
- Round Edge Puncher 
- Key chain Hole Puncher
- Revolving Stapler
- iC-1500 P Circle Cutter (Php 9 80 bought @ TMV Trading)
- Orange Brand Wove and Satin Photo paper (Php 198 each)
- Best Buy Photo Quality Premium Matt Paper 
- Double sided tape and glue
- Beads for Embellishments
- Ribbons
- CSR (Cutter - Scissors - Ruler)

Still planning to buy more tools for my hobby...any suggestion for great shops in manila where i can buy tools like the ones used by Martha Stewart?

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lizloveslexi digiscrapbook place said...

sis, anung series ng Canon printer mo? Thanks!

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