Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pag-Ibig + Triple V + ATC = Full Pack Saturday

Yesterday We, together with Daddy, Mommy and 7 of their office staff, went to HDMF Pag-Ibig Office at Atrium Building Makati to attend the Housing Loan Counselling Session. We are planning to apply for a loan  for Home Improvement purposes. Since the construction of our house amounts to 4.8 million we only have little budget left for home improvement such as furniture's and appliances. We are both member of Pag-Ibig so why not avail our benefits. HDMF really gives low interest rate in long terms compared to bank loans.
sympre pose muna while waiting for my hubby's office staff
When we arrive, there are already lots of people inside the seminar room. Who doesn't want to have their own house?. Renting is such a waste of money because your paying for something that will never be yours...

Upon entering you must first get and fill up their Membership Status Verification Slip (FLH020)

The Housing Loan Counseling Session through a projector
Question and Answer Portion
Flyer's from Pag-Ibig Seminar
Housing Loan Amortization Table (2011)
Net Disposable Income Table (2011)
Steps in Housing Loan Application and Counseling Schedule
Pag-Ibig HDMF Housing Loan Application (FLH080)

After a two hour counseling session daddy invite us all for a free eat-all-you-can lunch at Triple V Glorietta.

Hubby and Me getting ready for a big chowtime
My 1st plate consist of:
Dad's : Lasgna, Seafood Paella,
Kamayan: Crispy Crablets, Laing, Lechon Kawali, Binagoongang Baboy
My 2nd plate
Nachos overflowing with ground beef, salsa, cheese, bacon and mayo
Sausage cold cuts, garlic bread
My 3rd plate (dessert)
Saba con yelo, creme brulee, choco cake, mango sago,
pineapple, papaya and sweet corn
totally with no left-overs...hahaha
With Kamayan, Dad's and Saisaki...hay...there's so may dishes to choose from. You'll surely get confused on what to eat, so better get a little of everything. I can say that Triple V is better that Yaki Mix base on the number of menu choices. All their food taste great also specially on the Dad's Buffet side (since i'm not into Japanese food). Too bad the ATC branch is already closed.
you can also get this stuff toy if you order any drinks
(Php 180 per drinks)
We we're so full but still wanting to try other dishes. Daddy's office staff are so lucky to have him for a boss because daddy is so generous when it comes to his employees. Thanks Daddy for a great and tummy filling lunch.

Ultimate Buffet (Saisaki, Dad's and Kamayan): 
Php 545 Mon to Thurs Lunch except holidays
Php 645 Friday to Sunday Lunch & Monday to Sunday Dinner
Php 280 Children below 4ft
Free 1 buffet for every group of 10

for more information about Triple V Ultimate Buffet just visit

After pigging out at Triple V, Hubby and I went home to watch the 2:00pm Formula1 2011 season qualifying, while Daddy and Mommy went shopping at Landmark.

Then after the qualifying session we decided to go to ATC with the kids and my parents.

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