Sunday, March 27, 2011


Last Thursday while on my way home Hubby called me and told me to meet them at Starmall Las Pinas. Hubby went home early and played footy with my son at Philam Park. I arrive at Starmall at about 7 pm and boy was i so hungry because i forgot to eat my lunch and merienda. When i saw them, my 3 yrs. old son approach me immediately and told me to buy spaghetti because he's hungry too. We then go to KFC and i bought him chicken and rice instead for his diner. Since hubby and I are on a diet he just settle on KFC's new Fish Twister while i went out to look for something light to eat. I scanned all the food kart kiosk outside and noticed the yummy "Yampanada".

Empanada is one of my favorite snack ever since i was a child. I used to make my own version when my lola was still alive. It is one of the classic pinoy goodies that i  truly love. 
making my own empanada way back in 2006
my own version of chicken empanada
Yummy Empanada of "Yumpanada" with Chili Beef (Php 18.00) & Tuna Filling (Php 16.00)
Yumpanada Stuffed with lots of filling 
I never expected that this Yumpanada's will taste so great. For only Php18.00 you'll have this yummy goodies made will quality ingredients. It is not only filled but it is really stuffed up to the edge of the crust. I bought and tried the Chili Beef, Classic Chicken and Tuna empanda. I planned to eat only 1 but end up eating it all. They also have mini empanada's for only Php5.00.

Honestly while writing this blog i started to crave for a chili beef yumpanada so i asked hubby to buy one for me. Can't wait to eat my yummy yumpanada.

So if you are a fanatic of this classic pinoy goodies, better try Yumpanada that is surely packed with yummy surprise. 

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