Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Digital File from The Picture Company

Today i was so happy and excited upon receiving this email...

They already sent me the low resolution digital file of my kids pictures, later we'll going to drop by at MOA to pickup the High Resolution Digital File CD of my kids pictorial . Now i know why parents spend so much in "The Picture Company" for  just a simple portrait of their kids, because they really create lovely and adorable results. Here's a proof...

My Angel
My Ballerina

The most beautiful flower...

My Master Kimi

When you sign up for a membership for Php 2,500:
     - you'll have 1 year membership
     - membership is extended to all members of the family
     - you'll have 1 hour pictorial session anytime you want 
     - free 10 low resolution digital copies of your choice in a CD

Hubby paid almost Php5,000 for the pictures, because the free low res copies is too small for editing or large printing. Each picture you wish to have in a high resolution format is worth Php1,000 inclusive of digital copies in CD and an 8R portrait print. I find it so difficult to choose from all the shots, I only need to choose 4 shots because it's impractical  and expensive to get all the shots. 

Hay...just looking at this lovely photos makes my heart melt. I'm so blessed to have two adorable, lovely and healthy kids...Thanks "The Picture Company" for all the beautiful portraits of my kiddos. excited for the next photo session...See you soon TPC....

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