Monday, March 14, 2011

Quezon City Memorial Park

Whenever we're going at Quezon City we always passed by Quezon City Memorial Circle. I was curious what's inside but never did it occur to me or give any effort to see what's really inside. Yesterday is family day and we're thinking of where to go and stroll with my papa, since hubby has a Grand Starex with him which can accommodate all of us (Hubby, me, Kimi, Yaya Maning and Kris, Mama, Papa, Bro Bry and Tita Achu). First, i suggested to go to  Trinoma, because there's a little park in the middle of the mall where papa can walk. But then realize it's Sunday and Trinoma is super crowded during weekends. 

At about 2:30 pm we fetch my parents and brother in Angela Village then went to Quezon City Memorial Park. We arrive at about 4:30pm and I was so shocked and amazed because I didn't know that there's a big park inside, full of family having  their picnic, food stalls, playgrounds and a mini carnival. The park's playground was very wide...full of kids, slides, seesaw's, mazes etc. I just saw the excitement and happiness in my sons eyes. Kimi didn't waste time and excitedly went to the first slide he saw.
Kimi with all smiles...priceless moments...
Daddy and Kimi enjoying the slide
The playground looks like a wonderland of slides...all slides are made of plastic, like the material used by Little Tykes,  and the floor is made of soft synthetic grass, so it is safe for kids even if they fall down

Here are some of the slides at Quezon City Memorial Playground:

After enjoying the playground we then have a walk and tried to explore the park more. Then Hubby thought of renting a small pedicab bike for Kimi (Php 100 per hour) for added fun and experience.

I so love this...Kimi pedaling the bike with Khloe on the passenger side
I am so blessed to have a very loving and supportive hubby. Even though Kimi has his own yaya, he still prefers to be a hands-on-dad to his son...

another precious father and son moments
of course it would not be complete without a mother and daughter picture
Thumbs up for Kimi's bicycle experience
After Kimi's tiring bicycle ride, we then entered "Circle of Fun" a mini amusement park with an entrance fee of only Php 25.00/ person and Php 30-60 per ride. It showcases thrilling rides like the Wild Wind, like the space shuttle of EK, it's a modified form of the traditional roller coaster. They also have a mini Anchors Away, Bump Cars, Horror Ride, Boat Rides, Mini F1 track, Carousel and a lot more. Too bad we didn't get a lot of shots because our camera went out of battery...

Tita, Mama and Papa with the Dinosaurs at the entrance
Tita, Mama, Me, Yaya Kris, Khloe and Papa posing for a shot
Kimi enjoying the mini carousel
Me, Kimi and Hubby at the mini fountain
There are still so much to see and do at Quezon City Memorial Park. They also have Restaurants inside, Small Tiange, Huge Dancing Fountain etc. and the irony of it all is... you didn't need to spend a lot of money to enjoy the park. You'll surely never run out of things to do here. Too bad we need to go home early for a planned dinner with mommy and daddy. We'll surely come back here with the kids...

So if you're looking for a great place to spend your family day... why not try and experience this simple but amazing park at the heart of Quezon City...

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