Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Return to 168 Mall

Yesterday mommy wanted to go to Divisoria 168 Mall and she wanted me to come with her because she's not that familiar with 168 Mall. We left the house at about 9:30 am and rode a PUB going to Lawton Manila then a PUJ from Lawton to Divisoria. 

I immediately brought mommy to the 3rd floor, because she's really looking for nice clothes to buy. She didn't knew that there's still lots of clothes stall on the 3rd floor. It's my favorite floor in 168 Mall because it's so spacious, cold and has lots of super cute clothing stalls, plus it's closer to the food court and clean restrooms. Hay... if i only have lots of cash in my pocket that day, i would definitely buy all the cute clothes that i saw. If your a Korean and Japanese Fashion Outfit lover, you'll absolutely find a lot here. 

168 Mall 3rd Floor
Since Mommy has a big tummy and "puson" ...Our first stop was in the Infinite Clothing Co. 

Here you can buy plus size clothing from small to Triple x ... so if you have a big figure.. this the right stall to shop. 

Here are samples of plus size outfits for plus size pips that still gives a sexy look.
animal print red blouse (Php 350)
leggings (Php 300)
blue blouse (Php 300)
black pants (Php 400)
One day shopping is not enough just for the 3rd floor of 168 Mall. It made me go gaga about everything. It made our shopping more harder because of the thousand choices and options. We just want to buy them all....

 Here's what i bought in 168 Mall:

brown polo shirt for hubby (Php 350.00)
I so love its pique fabric, Its definitely a Fab Find
one shoulder blouse for me from Glamour Studio (Php 320.00)
I love the design as well as the fabric
If you're looking for a great office attire for less look for
the Glamour Studio Stall
abercrombie shirt (Php 100.00) just for everyday use
black leggings from the Infinite Clothing Co. (Php 300.00)
 made of thick spandex material, a fab find too
super cheap leggings for my daughter (Php 50.00 each)
Toy for my son (Php 80.00)
Strawberries for my son (Php 30.00)
Your money will definitely go a long way here @ 168 mall.
See you again soon....

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