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Strange Fruit by Chicco Garcia of RX 93.1

I so love The Strange Fruit by Chico Garcia, It's a funny, educational, entertaining and with lots of interesting stuff blog. Every morning while hubby drives me to work, we always stay tune to RX 93.1. Listening to Chics and Del becomes our daily morning habit. The Morning rush Top Ten never fails to make us laugh. We love Chico's craziness and funny antics and how Del handles it. Lately, Chico becomes desperate to become a "Zinger-Zongwriter" and starts composing and singing songs which are so hilarious and very entertaining.
Here's a sample of the Morning Rush Top Ten...
Okay fine, it’s one of those topics to bait the naughtier side of the entries. But I must say it was fun. Anything that involves words like “egg” or “itlog” will surely elicit a snigger or two.
The Top Ten Answers To The Question: “How Do You Like Your Eggs, Sir?”
  1. KiD BuKid – “Nestled in a bushy nest.”
  2. Dolce Vita – “Licked like ice cream, not nibbled like a corn cob.”
  3. No name and Taichu – “Scratched and sniffed.”
  4. 6th Sick Sheik – “I like them very much, thank you.”
  5. Itchy Bulate – “Hair-free.”
  6. Red Devil – “Mapula at maalat.”
  7. Qpidx and RVincent – “Yung hindi pa nalalawayan.”
  8. Lockon Stratos – “Yung amoy palang, ulam na.”
  9. Gracia – “Basta wag yung pawis.”
  10. Ondrazik – “Yung size na kasya ang dalawa sa bibig…like quail eggs.”
  11. Mnemonic – “Yung may bird sa ibabaw…like a hen sitting on her eggs.”
  12. Ruelski – “Yung tumitibok-tibok pa.”
  13. Black Siopao – “Paki bagsak nalang sa ‘pateros’.” (pateros: bagskan ng itlog)
  14. Gracia – “Lamasado…este, malasado.”
  15. Toytuner27 – “Yung binate.”
  16. Czarovic – “In your hands.”
  17. Specialist – “Yung itlog ng pogi…este, itlog ng pugo.”
  18. Maldito – “Yung medyo oily.”
  19. No name – “In your mouth.”
  20. Cyndi – “Yung bagong hugas.”
  21. Puff Daddy – “For starters, you can let them go.”
  22. Young Indy – “Yung pinulbuhan.”
  23. Oscar Dela Hopia – “Wala naman…hawakan mo lang at laru-laruin.”
  24. Martin – “Yung bagong ahit.”
  25. Nin – “Ipatong natin sa bibingka mo.”
  26. Paul – “Upuan mo nalang…para mag-hatch.”
  27. YñaKì – “Sandwiched between two soft buns.”
  28. Homer Singson – “Gusto ko yung eggs ni Benedict, este, eggs benedict.”
  29. Stephensoul – “Yung pantay.”
  30. MasterB – “Kung anong ginawa mo sa itlog niya, yun din ang gawin mo sa itlog ko.”
Isn't it funny and entertaining? you'll laugh more because of how Chicco deliver the lines...
and here are some of Chicco's songs...
Album Title: “The Zinger And His Zongs”
“Dangerous Thoughts”
“Dangerous thoughts
I do not need these dangerous thoughts
These thoughts are dangerous
Oooh…very very scary
Dangerous thoughts
Thoughts they are, thoughts they are…thoughts…dangerous”
“Lambing Ng Kambing”
“Lambing ng kambing meh-eh-eh-eh-eh
Lambing ng kambing meh-eh-eh-eh-eh
Do not make me a caldereta
Do not make me papaitan
Lambing ng kambing meh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh”
“Love Me”
“Love me
You have a choice
Only two
It’s forever or never
Forever or never
Nothing in between
Coz in between you don’t win
You lose
You become a loser
Forever or never
And nothing in between
Remember that, remember that
“Pepper Crusher”
“Why do you like to hurt me?
Why do you like to crush my heart?
Like you do pepper in a crusher
A pepper crusher
My heart is not a pepper in a pepper crusher
No, it’s really so spicy”
“Naughty Monkey”
“I wanna spank the monkey
Unless it’s as big as King Kong
I wanna spank the monkey
Especially if he’s been naughty
Naughty-ty-ty Monkey-key
I wanna spank the monkey
unless it’s as big as King Kong
I was wrong”
Isn't he very talented? No words can ever describe all of his songs and because of this i become one of  Chico's followers and fan...
Here's Chico Garcia (aka Derek Ramsey look alike Zinger-Zongwriter)
and Pretty Del
So if you really want real radio entertainment, always tune to RX 93.1.

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