Saturday, April 2, 2011

168 Mall Part 4: Shopping Galore

I really need to go back to 168 Mall Divisoria to get my ordered tumblers. Since i don't wanna go alone i asked mama to come with me. We left home at around 7:30 am.. Hubby needs to meet a client somewhere in manila so he insist on driving us to divisoria. 

Busy streets of Divisoria
168 Mall opens at 9:00 am and closes at 7:00 pm. We first went to the 1st floor stall where i ordered the tumblers and checked it one by one for any damage. I was so disappointed because it's not the tumbler i was expecting, but since it's already paid i had no choice but to accept it. We then proceed to the 3rd level and look for an outfit for mama for Khloe's Christening. We find one at Get Loud but i wasn't able to take a shot of the blouse.

Here are some of the great stall i found in level 3 of 168 Mall...
here you can find great office attire at an affordable price
Twee Stall
White off shoulder blouse from Twee (Php 250.00)
super nice fabric and fitting
The Vault : Offers variety of cute and affordable Men's clothing's
It's lunch time...we went to the food court on the same level and tried "Manook - Pinoy Peyborits". I ordered the Fiesta Meal 1 for mama which consist of  1/4 chicken, java rice, lumpiang sariwa, brownies and iced tea for Php 155.00 and two kapeng barako for Php 30 each.

Fiesta Meal 1 (Php 155.00)
Mama was satisfied with the order. The chicken tastes the same as Max's fried chicken as well at their lumpiang sariwa. I also love the gravy and the java rice. All in all, thumbs up for Manook's Fiesta Meal and we will surely come back. Too bad they still don't have other branches :(

shoes galore @ 168 Mall
lots and lots of bags
Here's what i bought in 168 Mall...

Ferrari Polo for Kimi (Php 250.00)
"don't worry master daddy will buy you the original one"
Khloe's dress for only Php 50.00
Khloe's cute leggings again for only Php 50.00
Yaya's Scrub Suit with pants Php 300 each 
another relax shirt for me (Php 150.00 buy one take one)
Polo blouse for Khloe (Php 250.00)
Khloe's Squash onesies for only Php 150.00
"i super adore of the best buys of the day"
Khloe's floral jumper onsies, again for Php 150.00
"another cute kiddie fab find
Fisher Price onsies for my nephew Andrei (Php 100.00)
"another great deal"
white shorts for me from divisoria side walk vendors,
buy one take one for only Php 150.00
"can you believe the price?...super cheap but nice shorts!!!"
shorts for Yaya Emely (Php 60.00 each),
again from divisoria side walk vendors
Dark blue stretch skinny Infinite Pants (Php 400.00)
Super dooper nice Korean jacket for only Php 200.00,
a fab find for me...
fabric reversible belt for Php 80.00
I can't believe it, 20 items for only Php 3,500?!!!...168 Mall is really a shopping paradise.

We left the mall at about 5:00 pm and I'm so satisfied with all my purchases...hay just can't really get enough of  168 day is really not enough...

me @ the maids room wearing the white shorts and jacket that i bought
isn't it nice?...

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