Sunday, April 24, 2011

Discounted Infant Formula - Nan Two HW

My kids Pediatrician, Dr. Manalad, offered us discounted infant formula. Doc says that there's a 20% discount if we purchase the milk directly to Nestle's sales representatives. Since Nan is a bit expensive, Php 904.50 per can and considering that my baby consumes 3 to 4 cans per month (Php 3,600+/month), without thinking twice we then grabbed the offer.  
our order of Nan Two HW Box of 6's

Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Milk?
Hydrolyzed whey protein is a type of protein found in infant formula and medicinal protein supplements that have recently found its way into common store bought weightlifting protein supplements. Basically, on the microscopic level, these branch chain proteins are broken down into many smaller segments. Because of this, the chance for allergic reaction is limited. Hence, the reason it is used in medical and infant products. Of course, this reduction in the chance for an allergic reaction makes it a desirable product on the commercial marketplace. 

Hydrolyzed whey is the most digestible source of whey protein. This process of hydrolysis allows the protein to be absorbed quickly through the small intestine. More than half (up to 80%) of the protein ingested bypasses the stomach and is absorbed into the small intestine, allowing the greatest potential for lean muscle tissue. Studies have also shown that hydrolyzed whey protein with short chain amino acids (di and tri peptides) can increase IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor-1 that appears to be a key player in muscle growth).

Hydrolyzed whey protein is also one of the more expensive whey proteins. Most supplement companies mix hydrolyzed whey protein with other whey proteins such as whey concentrate or whey isolates because of the high cost of producing hydrolyzed whey protein and because of its bitter taste.

Price Difference:
Nan 2 HW SM Hypermarket Price            Php    904.50
Nan 2 HW Box of 6's direct from Nestle    Php 4,600.00 or 
                                                                 Php 767.00 per can
Savings: Php 137.50 per can or in every box of (6x900g), the 6th can is free
Note: minimum order should be 1 box which consists of 6 cans of 900g Nan2 HW

So for those interested in the discounted nestle infant formula just call and inquire at 874-8087


marvie edubas said...

hi! until now kumukuha ka pa rin ba ng NAN HW milk directly sa nestle? nan user din kc baby ko. and he consumes 6 cans a month.. 860Php kuha ko before ng NAN HW1, now he's 6mos. and will be using HW2 na... its really a big help kung makakakuha rin ako from them.. thanks for your blog!!!

Bernadette Mendoza said...

Hi! Interested din kami sa discounted na NAN HW Two, meron ka ba ibang contact number ng pinagkukuhanan mo? Wala kasi sumasagot sa number na pinost mo. Thank you!

gLy said...

hi! my baby is nan user dn po... meron ka po bang contct number?.. big savings nrn kht ppno sa nestle bbli..thnk u :)

Avelina Longakit said...


Anonymous said...

hi..until now b meron pa din bang discount?para mkbili din kmi kc wlng sumsgot s number n nkapost..salamat..

shee said...

hi..available pa po ba ung nan hw 2?interested po ako bumili..thanks po!

Anonymous said...

im interested din po

Rayne Lewis Rimando said...

Hi! Available pa ba to? Please reply naman. Thank you! :) I am interested po kasi for this one. Salamat nang marami!

Anonymous said...

Nan user din ang baby ko. How much po ang nan hw 2

Anonymous said...

Hi nan hw1 milk ng baby.. how to order po sainyo.. malaking tulong po kung makakapag order po kami sainyo kasi discounted na.. im interested to order.
Please tell me how.. thanks

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