Sunday, April 24, 2011

DIY Pizza Bread

We have no planned vacation this Holy Week for the following reasons:
First,  my sister and her family will be arriving this Friday for their Pinas vacation.
Second, it's still delicate to travel our 6 mos. old daughter, considering the super hot weather.
Third, I'm still bleeding.
Fourth, We need to save for our future house.
Fifth, Khloe's yaya will have her leave from Thursday to Saturday.
Lastly, Daddy will be leaving, he's going to Australia for a month vacation.

It's Maundy Thursday, with nothing to do and wanted something to munch... I opened the ref and look for something to eat and found this...
Tasty Bread, Ragu Pasta Sauce, Pepperoni & Cheese
so i made a Pizza Bread for us
I love this Ragu Pasta Sauce Six Cheese, so rich and tasty
also good as pizza sauce
My homemade pizza bread
So happy because my 2 boys love it...

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