Friday, April 1, 2011

How to make a PVC ID

My current project for now is our Company ID. After being a photographer to all my officemates, I'm now on the process of editing pictures and details for our Company ID.

Here's the design of our new ID..
Company ID Front
(of course no other than me as the sample model...bwahahaha)
Company ID Back
here are more samples of our company ID
After finishing all the editing, there comes proofreading, then the actual printing and making of PVC type ID.

Here are the materials needed in making a PVC ID:
PVC ID Sheet  (Php 35.00/set or Php 1,200 box of 50 sets)
ID Die Cutter (Php 2,000)
PVC ID Hole Puncher (Php 750.00)
Laminator (Php 2,200)
You can buy the materials at TMV Trading. They also offer PVC ID Maker Complete Set Package for only Php 5,400

and here's how to make a PVC ID...

That's how easy a PVC ID is made...all you need is a bit knowledge in Photoshop or Corel, a bit of  creativity and the needed materials....then you'll have your own customized PVC ID...

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jai said...

Hello, I myself just bought a package of PVC ID and want to start a small business of my own like IDs and/or bag tags and alike. Do you know or can you help me with different ID designs and layouting and the information needed and also Bag and Luggage tag designs? ^_^

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