Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Kimi's 3rd Birthday @ Avilon Zoo

It's our Master Kimi's 3rd Birthday today, so hubby and I didn't go to work to celebrate this special day with our loving son. We didn't give him the usual children's party since he's not really into parties. Instead, we plan on bringing him to Ark Avilon Zoo and spend the whole April 4 with him.

The Birthday Boy
We left home at 11:30 am and went to Ortigas, Pasig. We 1st drop mommy at Tiendesitas since she feels she's too old enough for the zoo. Then immediately went to Ark Avilon Zoo (beside Fun Runch Ortigas and near Tiendesitas). I'm so excited because it's Kimi's 1st time to go to a Zoo and see live animals.

Hubby, Kimi and  Me posing @ the Ark
Resembling the biblical Noah's Ark, ARK AVILON ZOO is home to various exotic wildlife like WHITE TIGER, JAGUAR, SUN BEAR, BLACK-EARED MARMOSETS, PIRARUCUS, PHILIPPINE SERPENT EAGLE, RED-VENTED COCKATOOS, SULCATA TORTOISES, VICTORIA CROWNED PIGEON and many more! ARK AVILON ZOO is everybody’s interactive zoo, from kids to the kids at heart.  Appreciate the wonders and beauty of nature and learn about conservation while having fun!   

… Get up close and personal with Colin the Bornean Orangutan, Brutus the Mini Horse, Waki the Bearcat, Arthur the Old English Sheepdog, Cutie the Philippine Eagle Owl, C-2 the Moluccan Cockatoo, Cholo the Ball Python and many other interactive animals... Enjoy feeding rabbits, guinea pigs, sheep and other farm animals in our FARMLAND Feeding Station…  Learn nature arts and crafts…  Play in our Mini Playground…  Celebrate a party or get together on our Upper Deck Activity Area…     
9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Weekends and Holidays: 

10:00 am to 7:30 pm 

Entrance Fee

Regular Rate: Php 300.00/ head

Kiddie Rate *: Php 200.00/ head

Children below 1 year old 

a mini petshop "pet-tissimo" will greet you at the main entrance
(here you can buy pets such as guinea pig (Php 200.00), rabbits, turtles, lizards etc.)
ground floor hall way
(here, you can find the tigers, jaguars, bears and different kinds of fish and birds)
the birds just resting freely on small trees
the owl and the eagles

yours truly, touching the huge but cute turtle

2nd Level: here you can find different kinds of birds, lizards and snakes, domesticated animals such as horse, pig, goats and sheep's. There's also a big Guinea Pig cage where your kids can enter and experience feeding those cute little mouses. Located also on the 2nd level is their mini playground and their activity & events area.  

meet "Brutus"

thumbs up for the birthday boy's 1st  zoo trip

Kimi feeding the Guinea Pig
of course mommy will try too...
Kimi chasing the Guinea Pigs
Kimi is so happy seeing those little pets chasing him this time
(Php 20.00 per carrots)
the mini playground

Daddy posing with the giant mouse
activity sand area

the events area
snake and reptile hall
Kimi playing  the shape sorter
after playing with the sand and the guinea pigs, it's hand wash time
The zoo was good and entertaining though it's a bit small. It's open air so if it's hot it's really hot so better bring a fan and water for your kids.

 I'm so happy that Kimi enjoyed his 1st Zoo trip. 
Happy 3rd Birthday Master Kimi!!!...
Daddy and Mommy Loves you so much...

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