Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Chelsea Shoes

Last Sunday while we were at SM Southmall, I went to the department store shoes section to look for something to wear for my daughter's christening on Sunday. Shoe searching for me is really hard because i only prefer white colored ones. Most of the time, when i find something that i like it comes out that there's no smaller size, since my size is only 5-6, or the display is only the last pair. I'm so lucky that day because I found something that i like and it didn't take me numbers of hours to find it.

 Chelsea White Wedge
(original price Php 799.00 but on a 10% off so i got it for only Php 719.00) 
me wearing and practicing my new wedge
another addition to my white footwear
(Divisoria Espadrilles, Janeo High Slippers, Kickers Driving Shoes,
Gibi Office Shoes, Happy Feet, Mario de Boro High Heels, Market Market Sandals
and my only Red Ferrari Rubber shoes)
I'm so happy because it fits me well and although it's a bit high (about 3 inches) i didn't have a hard time walking on it and  it still feels soft and comfy.

Thanks SM Chelsea Shoes for another great collection.

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