Friday, April 15, 2011

New House 2nd Floor Cement Pouring

Last night at around 9:00 pm, we heard loud truck noises in our village. We we're curious about where exactly that noise is coming from and decided to go out and look.Then we saw three huge cement mixer truck and one big generator truck passing in front of our house. At first we have no idea what those truck are doing in our street, it's so loud and produces a lot of dirt and dust particles. Until it parked in front of our new house lot, only to realize it was for the construction of our house. Three huge cement mixer is scheduled to pour cement on the 2nd floor of our house that night.
The 1st Cement Mixer
The 2nd Cement Mixer
The 3rd Cement Mixer busy unloading the mixed cement
to the big generator with the big hose

The big hose pouring cement on the 2nd level of our
future house
2nd Floor of our future house
Engineer Almacen told us that by this method the cement will be mixed well and produces high quality results. It took almost 3 hours for the 3 mixers to unload and pour all the cement. 

Good News: When the cement dries up they will start constructing the 2nd level, so a few months from now "Home-Sweet-Home"
Bad News: Due to the noise and dirt it produced at the middle of the night many of our village homeowners complained.....lagot!!!

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Anonymous said...

Ghost face on left rooftop in last picture!

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