Friday, April 29, 2011

The Root of my Craft and Digital Scrapbooking Addiction

Eversince i was a child i really love and adore arts. It's like my outlet, where i can express myself and relieve any tension or stress i have. It's such a joy and fulfillment to me when someone appreciates my work. Because of my love of arts, i'm proud to have studied and learned Adobe Photoshop on my own.

I scanned through my old photos and found snaps of my old Scrapbook. I call it "the root of my craft and digital scrapbooking addiction". Since i find cutting too tiring and buying scrapbook embellishments expensive, i decided to switch to Digital Scrapbooking. In Digital Scrapbooking, the idea, designs and options are limitless.

Here's my old Scrapbook snaps vs. my Digital Scrapbook PSD

Started in 2007

Started in 2009

Adobe Photoshop really made my scrapbooking easy...

So start designing your own digital scrapbook. It maybe your unforgettable travels or events. 
It's a fun way of creating unique and artistic keepsakes.

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