Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Beef Caldereta + Kaos + F1 Turkey Race = Mother's Day

Last Sunday (8th of May 2011), was Mother's Day and our 4th year Wedding Anniversary. Since it's a day for mom's, i had a chance to have extra time of sleep and woke up at 9:30 am. For that special day, i cooked Beef Caldereta for my hubby (it's my favorite and specialty). 

Here's my own version of Spicy Beef Caldereta...
Beef, cut into chunks
Tomato Sauce
Caldereta Sauce
Minced Pickles
Liver Spread
Evaporated Milk
Garlic and Onions
Red Bell Pepper

Cooking Instructions:
In a casserole, saute garlic and onion in butter. Then add in the Beef, Tomato Sauce, Caldereta Sauce, Liver Spread, Milk and Pickles. Add water, mixed it well and let it simmer until the beef is tender and the sauce thickens. Then add the potato, carrots and red bell pepper.

Note: Since i love liver spread, i always use 2 big cans of it when i cook Caldereta. it makes it more tasty and rich and the sauce more thick. It's like "Sabaw pa lang, Ulam na!"
Steaming Spicy Beef Caldereta
After cooking, we attend the 10:30 mass at Philam Church. Then prepared to go to Resorts World Manila for our scheduled Kaos Show date. Unfortunately "Kaos becomes Chaos", because the 3:00 show was moved to 8:00 pm to give way to Manny Pacquiao's fight. We had no choice but to resched and change the ticket, because tonight is also the Turkey F1 race. After getting the new ticket, we just decided to buy coffee from Starbucks, since it's a cold and rainy day , then went straight home. 
Our 8th of May 2011, 3:00 pm Kaos Ticket
Our resched Kaos Ticket
for the 11th of May 2011 at 8:00 pm
In short it left us with nothing to do on our Anniversary. 
But it doesn't matter, as long as we're together and happy 
it's already considered as a great celebration.
Happy Anniversary Idol...
I Love U So Much

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