Friday, May 20, 2011

Sisters Shopping Bonding

Tuesday (17th of May 2011)
Even though I'm not feeling well, i still manage to accompany my sister to her shopping agenda. Their vacation is over and they'll be flying back to Dubai this coming Thursday. She has only 2 days and this is only the free day she has to shop for her personal stuff, might as well go with her so to have our Sistah Bonding time. She told me she's having a hard time buying clothes from DBX because the sizes doesn't fit her, the designs are uncool and a bit too pricey even for a simple shirt. 

My sister doesn't like shopping that much, she hates going from boutique to boutique and the confusion brought about by too much choices. As usual we stayed and had our outfit hunting only at SM Department Store. Good thing because SM Southmall's Dept. Store is complete enough and offers wide variety of outfit brand choices. There are lots of on sale items and discounts that day, which gives us more reason to shop.

We left home at about 6:00 pm, which only means we only had 3 hours left before the Mall closes. Luckily, my sister easily found all the outfit she needs (which includes slacks, blouses, undies etc.). Too bad, we didn't have enough time to look for and buy bags and shoes. It's funny because while i'm looking for white colored outfit and stuffs, my sister on the other hand was eyeing for black ones.

Here's my purchases from our short-rush-sister-shopping-bonding-day...
White casual blouse by SM Classics (Php 699.75)
"my sister and I bought the same blouse, simple yet versatile"
White jumpsuit by SM's Coco Cabana
(50% off from Php 699.75 to Php 350.00) 
White Skirt by SM's Baleno (Php 599.75)
Undies (Php 80-90 each)
"of corz white and red"
Is it obvious that i love W H I T E?....

Well...I enjoyed every minute of our short-rush-sister-shopping-bonding-day
Thanks for the great day sis...

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