Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Future House Kitchen Perspective

Today we received an email from our architect, attached was his design perspective for the kitchen. Architect really never ceases to impress us. Again i was "wowed" by his design. He already gave us the external design perspective of the house, the masters bedroom and now the kitchen. Cant wait for his final design for the living room and my kids playroom.
this was the sketch design he presented to us last Monday
And this was the design i found on the web 
Kitchen Perspective Design for our House by Architect Ramil Boado
"of course...I heart RED"
Other Perspective Designs made for us by Architect Boado
House Exterior Design
Our Master's Bedroom
Thanks again Architect Boado, you really know what i want...

Trivia: It was my dream to be an Architect, too bad i didnt pursue it.

If your interested on his designs and service
you can email him at


jhessa said...

wow ma'am bernie ang ganda naman! pangarap ko din na magkaron ng ganyan kagandang kitchen,,, hehehe.. :D

Anonymous said...

You did a great job, Amber! I love it!! These are fantastic! It’s time to do makeover of your kitchen with the help of GROHE Designer Alliance .

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