Friday, June 24, 2011

Home Depot Macapagal

Last Tuesday after work we decided to drop by at Home Depot Macapagal, again to hunt for bathroom fixtures. We also meet daddy at Creative Stone to give the 50% down payment for our customized bathtub and vanity tops order. We were so disappointed with Home Depot Macapagal because they have no stocks of almost all the bathroom fixtures that we have chosen, so what's the use of all the dispalys?. We end up going home empty handed...tsk tsk tsk...

Here are photos of some of our fixtures options....
Creative Stone Boot where you can order customized bathtubs made of high quality marble
Creative Stone Brochure
Creative Stone Brochure
Cabana Corner Tub
"our bathtub design order but in color white"
another floor tiles option
Bidet for our Powder Room (Php 6,500 up)
What's a Bidet?
Chances are, if you're traveling through EuropeLatin America, East Asia, or China, you'll eventually encounter a bidet in thebathroom. It's traditionally a basin near the toilet that's used to clean the genitals and anal area after using the toilet or whenever a "freshening up" is needed. While your first encounter with a bidet can be a little daunting, they are actually very simple (and hygienic) to use.
Kohler Bidet
well this is architects design for our powder room so we decided to put a Bidet instead of a urinal for our future guests.
our preferred shower for the Master's Bedroom CR (Php 19, 125.00)
My preferred kitchen cabinet from Creative Stone (Php 6,000 ++ per cabinet)
Preferred sink  (Php 4,000)
Really getting excited more and more each day...
yet the fixtures hunting and purchasing becomes more harder and the expenses becomes bigger.
Too bad the weather is really bad this past few days which delays the house construction.
Please show up Mr. Sun....

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