Thursday, June 2, 2011

Khloe's 8th Month

My baby girl is growing so fast, yesterday (1st of June 2011) we celebrated her 8th month birthday. I'm so happy because she's growing up to be a healthy and smart baby girl. As usual her Daddy didn't forgot to bring a little something for her...

Here are some photos from her special day...

@ my parents house
Kimi enjoying his work out...
Kimi's with his Munchkin Bath Letters & Numbers (Php 599.75)
"aren't you too big for that?"
Hubby's gift for Khloe, her new Lamaze Octivity Time (Php 1,199.75)
"tsk tsk tsk too expensive for a baby toy"

A large fun-to-play soft activity octopus that baby will love!

Octivity Time is the cutest friendliest octopus you've ever seen. With his bright colours and happy smile he'll be a winner with any small child.
Featuring a different engaging playtime activity on each leg, including clinky rings, spinning starfish, mirror and a squeaky head. Octivity Time is a great way to help your child develop through play.
Daddy, Khloe and Octivity Having a good time
Khloe enjoying her Octivity
Khloe busy with her brother's Ipod
Happy 8th Month baby Khloe, we love you so much.
and thanks Daddy for always making her happy...
Khloe Reyes @ 8 months

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