Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Our Office Aerobics

Yesterday was my 1st day in our Aero Workout. My office mates organize this to help other co-employees become more physically fit. It's very affordable, since we only have to pay  Php20 each per session to our instructor (which is also one of our office mate). I oblige myself to attend, since it's only held at our office multi purpose hall and i really want to loose some extra pounds.
I cant's stop laughing at Ate Glenda, Thanks Richard for the great aero workout.
next time make it a little bit slow for 1st timers like me...

My 1st day aero was fun...because i ended up looking stupid...i just can't follow the steps...i can't stop laughing.
I admit, I'm not a good dancer maybe that's the reason why I'm good in digital works.
Maybe I'll take it seriously the next time.
Good Luck to me...well... health is wealth...

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