Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Creative Stone Tubs + GlemGas Cooktops + Meidi Clock

As of today, the ceiling installation is still on going (including the designed dropped ceilings for the cove light). 
Installation of Metal Plates for the Ceiling in our future living room
"metal plates for ceilings are better than wood because it's more durable and will also prevent termites in the future"
Drop Ceilings in the Kitchen from Architect's Design
dropped ceiling is a secondary ceiling, hung below the main (structural) ceiling. They may also be referred to as a drop ceilingfalse ceiling, orsuspended ceiling, and are a staple of modern construction and architecture. The area above the dropped ceiling is called the plenum space, as it is sometimes used for HVAC air return. The plenum space is also very commonly used to conceal pipingwiring, and/or ductwork.
Our ordered Master's Bedroom Bathtub was delivered last Saturday, just in time for Hubby's Birthday.
Creative Stone Delivery Truck
our Corner Bathtub from Creative Stone
"so excited to use this with hubby...hehehe"
see how heavy our tub is...needed 8 man just to lift the tub...
So for Durable and High Quality Custom Tubs...choose Creative Stone American Technology

Other fixture purchases for the house
Vector Exhaust Lamps for the CR's

1. Combines dual functions of exhaust fan and light, to keep air cycling to maintain good air quality, no need to install a separate lamp where light is needed. 
2. Adopts excellent tri-color fluorescent lamp tube, 30% higher luminance and 20% higher color rendering index than normal ones, energy saving. 

3. Fan's air flow volume: ≥ 150m3/h. 

4. High quality ballast to ensure easy startup, low harmonic, no flickering, and to prolong lamp's life 

5. Suitable for hotel, drinkery, bathroom, toilet, kitchen, living room, and corridor, etc. Easy for maintenance.
Kitchen Sink
Glem Cook Tops
Glem CookTop Model P6031FVKR (Php 18, 998)
and one of my favorite finds, a red 3D Wall Clock.

Actually when i saw this at SM Department store, i was hesistant to ask the price because i thought it was expensive. But i was completely surprised after discovering the price....

How much do you think this cute 3D Wall Clock cost?
Meidi 3D Wall Clock
Also comes in black and white color
well....it's only Php 400 bucks! really a super fab find. 
I'll surely buy the other colors, really fits our modern themed house.

More and bigger expenses coming this week.

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