Friday, July 1, 2011

Maty's Tapsilog (Paranaque's Best)

Tapsilog—“a combination of tapa, sinangag (fried rice), and itlog (egg)—“was originally intended to be quick breakfast fare. But the combo has become so popular that Pinoys—“Manila denizens,in particular—“opt to eat it for lunch and dinner as well. In fact, the tapsilog has produced a number of iterations (replacing tapa but retaining the si and log) such as tocilog (tocino) and longsilog (longganisa), among many others.
Yesterday we're expecting Coastal Road to be traffic, so we agreed to take the Paranaque Bayan alternative route. On our way home, since it's already pass dinner time and we're feeling a bit hungry, we stop and dine at one of our favorite Tapsilog Carinderia "Maty's". It's because of hubby that i learned about Maty's, it's one of our regular stop over when we were still dating. Maty's is very famous in Paranque, especially when it comes to their Tapsilog which appears to be the bestseller and its flagship offering. 
Just like our classic pinoy "Carinderia" not fancy at all (open, no air con just fan, mono block chairs, ordinary utensils etc.), but offers great food.
Service is quick, all portions of the combo meal are served to you in less than five minutes, all piping hot. 
0395 Quirino Avenue, Dongalo, Parañaque
Tel. no. 854.0889
Open from 6:00 am to 4:00 am daily
Maty's Condiments: Ordinary Banana Ketchup, Vinegar, Salt and Hot Chili Peppers
The tapa in Maty's tapsilog is soft and has the right blend of sweet and salty.  Best with a mixture of ketchup and vinegar as dip (Php 58.00)
My Silog (Fried Rice + Egg)
Maty's Famous Barbeque (Php 15.00 each)
Good service, quality, affordability, satisfying...what more could you ask for?
Maty’s is an Excellent Example that Great Food Need not Be expensive… :)
Another mouth watering and tummy filling chow time....burp...

for more info about Maty's visit

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