Monday, July 11, 2011

Transformers - Dark of the Moon 3D @ Starmall Las Pinas

With the bad weather yesterday, all our celebration plans didn't push through. Instead we end up watching Transformers 3D at Starmall Las Pinas. While a lot of people are willing to wait in long lines and pay 500 bucks just to watch Transformers in 3D, we for a change decided to try Starmall's 3D Cinema. I underestimate Starmall's Cinemas, I thought the place was a class C compared to other 3D Cinemas in the Metro. I was so wrong...honestly...i was really awed. They offer the same amenities and comfort of some other fancy 3D Cinemas. The place was clean, cold and with comfortable seats & 3D glasses. The good thing is you'll only have to pay Php 225.00 for a 3D movie with a free bag of popcorn (though the popcorn didn't taste that great, at least it's still free). Plus it's very convenient for us because it's located just outside our village.

Starmall Las PiƱas offers a great cinema viewing experience in full Dolby Digital and clear, quality film projection. With a 300-person seating capacity, each cinema boasts a wide legroom
our ticket for Transformers 3D for only Php 225.00 each
So if you're living in Las Pinas and looking for an alternative cinema to watch a 3D movie, 
Starmall Cinema is well recommended. 
Really a value for money.

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