Wednesday, August 3, 2011

93.1 RX The Morning Rush Top Ten Answers to the Question - "Who do you love more, Your Mom or Your Dad?

The Top Ten Answers To The Question:
“Who Do You Love More, Your Mom Or Your Dad?”
  1. Jigen Daisuke – My dad. Si tatay, pag kasama ko, comedy. Si nanay, pag kasama ko, drama.
  2. Lockon Stratos – The answer goes to the highest bidder.
  3. Marcus – The topic made me call my mom, so I guess I love her more. Ang tatay ko bato.
  4. No name – My dad, because he loves me period. My mom only loves me when I bring home awards and medals.
  5. Sparrow-minded – I guess my mom, because my dad’s dead already.
  6. Acer – I guess my dad, because I tend to hate him more when we argue.
  7. Joyjoy – My dad, because he lets me borrow his FHM collection.
  8. Jigen Daisuke – My dad makes me feel secure. My mom makes me feel inadequate.
  9. Mr. Cool It – My mom works abroad, my dad is her househusband. He rules like a general, but my mom is Commander-In-Chief.
  10. Von – I love my stepmom more than my biological dad. My dad cheated on his wife and had me, but my stepmom treated me like her own child.
  11. John Cyril – My dad knows me as a man. But my mom accepts me as a gay man.
  12. No Name – When we ask our daughter this question, she says: “I love mommy up to Pluto! I love daddy up to Antipolo.”
  13. A.D.I.D.A.S. – My mom because she taught me how to cook. That’s how I won over my girlfriend’s monster mom.
  14. Makatang Duling – My mom hears me, but my dad listens to me.
  15. Pumpkin – Neither. Both abandoned us and until now, at age 38, I feel bitter about it.
  16. Mojacko – When I’m with my dad, I answer DAD. When I’m with my mom, I answer MOM.
  17. Jules Verne – When I was in labor, I wasn’t asking for my husband, I wasn’t asking for my dad, I was asking for my MOM.
  18. Aki – My mom. My dad is an overgrown man-child.
  19. Kai – I have no idea who or where my dad is. I prefer to think my mom self-pollinated to bear me.
  20. Nat – Whoever gives me baon for the day.
  21. Dennis Pinch – I love my nanay more kasi marami siyang powers. She knows dream interpretation, palmistry, card reading, & my personal weather consultant.
  22. RC and Cess – My mom. She taught me the difference between tolerance and understanding.
  23. Lorenzo – My mom. My dad was not a bad father, but he wasn’t a good one either.
  24. West Ice Toshiba – I love my mom more. She stays with her other husband 24/7.
  25. RC and Cess – My mom because she listens to RX. My dad listens to the other station. Boo dad!
  26. Doraemon – My mom always defended me whenever me and my dad would argue.
  27. Homer Singson – My mom. Pag nag-aaway sila ni dad, di tumataas boses niya. Dinadaan niya sa pag linis ng inodoro…gamit ang sipilyo ni daddy.
  28. Reichen – Kay mama ako. Sabi kasi ni yaya, kanya si papa, akin si mama.
  29. Mr. Perk – My mom, because like her, I wanna be a housewife when I grow up.
  30. Young Indy – I love my nanay more. She was my yaya when she took me away from my real parents, the AYALAS

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