Monday, August 15, 2011

Kimi's 1st Day at Mulberry Hills Prep School

Last Friday was Kimi's 1st day at Mulberry Hills Preparatory School. At 3 yrs. 4 mos. he was categorized and enrolled in Toddler Class. I admit, I'm an over protective mom. I don't want my kids to get hurt, even just tiny scratches makes me cry. It will be the 1st time, that in 2 hours, Kimi will be left with just his teachers and classmates. Until now Kimi acts like a baby, maybe because till now i still treat him like one. many thoughts in my mind...what if he cries?...what if one of his classmate hurt him?...what if he feels like vomiting (like he always do)?...actually I'm the one who's having "separation anxiety" not my kid...hahaha...

Kimi's 1st day at Mulberry Hills was more on familiarization...we just let him walk around, explore and feel the new surroundings and people that he'll be encountering for the rest of his preparatory school life.

Photos of  Kimi's First Day
My School Boy
Kimi watching the Kids
Still has Separation Anxiety with Daddy
Certified Hunk

Mulberry Hills Outdoor Activity Area

This coming Monday will be the start of his real school journey  ...without mommy and daddy and yaya..
Good luck to our Master Kimi...
(and good luck to me...hope i wont cry...)

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