Monday, August 22, 2011

My Kids Protection from Insect Bites

Last week i noticed that my son has lots of insect bites. At 1st i thought it was mosquito bites from his new school. The next morning, another set of new bites appeared on my sons arms, legs and face. Sadly, Kimi's skin is sensitive to insect bites, A simple mosquito bite will immediately expand, develop redness and irritation, may instantly resemble to a bee bite. That evening i also felt something biting me on our own bed...right then i conclude it must be "bed bugs". 
My poor little master..with lots of bed bug bites
I HATE U BED BUGS!!!! f*@$%$$^^#$&^^*^^!!!
I just can't believe that we have bed bugs, since it's an SOP to our yaya's to clean, vacuum and sanitize our room everyday. Then i remembered a spray we used before for dust mite prevention and immediately purchase 4 bottles of it.
Allercon Dust Mites Spray (Php 198.00 per bottle)
Made from natural organic stuff which is safe for kids.
The smell is not that strong.
Unfortunately you can't find this in all supermarkets. As of now you can purchase this only at Mercury Drug and Landmark.
Also comes in different fragrance like apple, orange and fresh blossom
 I just sprayed Allercon on our Mattress and Pillows and let it stay under the sun for hours. Luckily, Kimi woke up this morning without additional bed bug bites....Thank Goodness!... 

We also bought this cute "MoskiSheild" anti mosquito patches for our kids for dengue prevention.
MoskiShield (Php 165.00 per box of 24's)

I just hope all this preventive stuff will help us in protecting our precious kids.

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