Saturday, August 6, 2011


Yesterday (5th of August 2011) ValueCare, our new health card provider, held an orientation in our office. Health Card is one of the great benefits that we're receiving from our company, People's General Insurance Corporation. Having a health card is really a necessity nowadays, because it gives you peace of mind specially during medical emergency. It also shields you from the high cost of quality health care and from out-of-pocket expenses from emergency hospitalization. 
So glad Value Care has good looking representatives...
Mr. Piolo P. ala Ely Buendia...
My ValueCare Handbook and Card
"Semi-Private with Php 100,000 MCB with Dental and with access to Asian Hospital"
ValueCare Dental Benefits
As a ValueCare Member we also have free MAC KIT from MD Pharma Inc.
ValueCare MAC Kit
Value Care MAC Card
MAC Kit Contents:
For MAC Card Perks and Discounts visit
For more info about ValueCare visit
"Quality Health Care with Compassion"

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