Saturday, September 3, 2011

Busy Sunday of Long Weekend

As usual we spent our long weekend by canvassing and purchasing fixtures, finishing and stuff for our future adobe. We really need to decide what paint colors to use for the exterior and interior of the house, and it turns out to be so hard and confusing because of the thousand color palettes choices available in the market.

Sunday (28th of August 2011), we, together with our son Kimi, went to Home Depot The Fort and Ortigas and spent the whole day shopping, canvassing and purchasing house materials, decors, finishing and stuff. We bought the mechanism for our walk-in-closet's sliding door, and mind you it was expensive!...the whole set costs us Php 3,600.00. Then we luckily find the mirrors we want for the powder room and masters bedroom cr.
Sliding Cabinet Door Mechanism
Mirror for the Powder Room (chosen by hubby)
In time for lunch, we cant find any resto or food chains near Home Depot The Fort so we just settle for "Jun and Jun's Cebu Lechon, BBQ and Sutokil"

My Hungry Son
hmmm....what will i order? - Kimi

I didn't had the chance to take pictures of our orders, we immediately feast on our food because we're so hungry. There's nothing above ordinary about their lechon but at least the pig skin was still crunchy and the meat was tender and juicy. I'm a bit disappointed about the barbecue because my son had a hard time chewing on the meat.

Then after a few more shopping and canvassing at Home Depot Ortigas, we then decided to call it a day. But my son requested for Pizza, due to heavy traffic going to SM Megamall we ended up going to Shangri-la Mall. Then we chose to have my son's pizza request at California Pizza Kitchen.

Beverages at CPK is too expensive!..
a Cola Can already cost Php 95.00
Our CPK Mushroom Pepperoni Sausage
"tastes just like a traditional pizza, nothing spectacular...but my son find the pepperoni too spicy"
Tired but Happy Trio

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