Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dunn Edwards Paint

Choosing paint color gives me total headache, considering the thousand color palettes for different surface type from different paint brands...gosh it's really confusing. We're having a modern type house, so I'm considering colors which are bold and different from the ordinary neutral colors. From all the Paint Brands here in the Philippines, i fell in love with Dunn Edwards, because of their matte paint type, thousand attractive color palettes and it's odor free which is safe for my kids.
Dunn Edwards Home Deport The Fort
Dunn Edwards Color Palette
Got this free color palette card chips for future reference

Dunn Edwards Paint Mixer at Home Depot the Fort
They also offer ready mix paints
Our Palette Choice
Color Combination for the House Exterior
Color Combination for the Guest Room
Color Combination for the Kids Playroom
Dunn Edwards 1st batch Paint  purchases (worth Php 20,000++)
Hoping we had the right choice of color for the house exterior.
Can't really wait for the final outcome...

Visit Dunn Edwards @ 
or at Decopro shop, Home Depot The Fort

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