Monday, September 12, 2011

Mulberry Hills 13th Anniversary

Yesterday (10th of September 2011) we attended Mulberry Hills 13th Anniversary Celebration. As one of the student, Kimi will perform a simple instrument march with the toddlers. When my son's  march started, as expected, i had teary eyes...of course...I'm one SUPER-PROUD-MOM.

Photos of the Day
On our way to school
Mulberry Hills Preparatory School
"Hubby and I were also called to represent the balloon ribbon cutting , too bad  no one took our picture..."
Other proud parents
My son was the leader of the March...
I'm so proud of you Master Kimi
Kimi and the Super Proud Mom!
"still happy even with a super oily's so humid that day"
My Little Man
Us with Teacher Cel, Mulberry Hills Owner
Mulberry Hills Students
consisting of Prep, Nursery and Toddlers
Kimi with the Mulberry Teachers
Some of Kimi's Art Works
More Mulberry Hills 13th Anniversary Photos here

Congratulations Mulberry Hills!
and congrats also to Master Kimi and the other students for a job well done!

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