Sunday, October 30, 2011

Bargain Hunter: Another 168 Mall Divisoria Shopping

Today after my son's school activity, we (my BFF's) decided to meet at 168 Mall Divisoria. Since Mama is also a Divi addict, i then decided to ask her to come with us together with my brother. Every Ber months Divisoria is really packed with hundreds of people looking for bargain and great buys stuff for Christmas. Whenever i want to buy something, specially an outfit...168 Mall has always been first on my list. 

Great Buys for the Day
Pajama Terno for my son Kimi (Php 120.00 per set)
White Pointed Flats (Php 350.00)
Denim Shorts (Php 350.00)
Stretch  Black Jeans (Php 400.00)
Printed Blazer (Php 370.00)
Four items for Php 1,700...hmmm...Not Bad
168 Mall Divisoria never ceases to amaze me...
It makes me love shopping more!

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