Monday, October 10, 2011

Home Sweet Home: Lights

I was surprised with hubby's addiction and fascination to lights. For almost a month now he's been hunting and buying different types of lights...from T5, Pin and Decor Lights.

"Interior Design Lighting affects the perception of any room. It is also versatile. It gives the house more life specially in the evening, where we spend most of our time at home. Using several strategies at once in a room allows you to turn any of them off, changing the look and feel with the flick of a switch. This can be effective for creating different moods in different rooms."

Here are some lighting updates in our future abode...
I call this the "Polo Candy" Hanging Light for the Living Room
Hubby Got it at 50% Off
8 Shaped Dining Light (Php 6,000+ at Wilcon)
Nook and Kitchen T5 and Pin Lights
Family Hall Wall Light
2nd Floor Hall Pin and Ceiling Light  (Php 6,000+)
Exact look of the Ceiling Light
as of the moment, we just removed the covers to protect it from any scratch and damage 
Family Hall Decor Light (Php 2,500+ at A&S Lamps, Home Depot The Fort)
Masters Bedroom Lighting's (Main, Accent and Pin Lights)
Walk in Closet Projector Light
Masters Bedroom CR Decor Light (Php 2,500+ at A&S Lamps, Home Depot the Fort)
Guest Room Lighting with Big Bulb Decor Light (Php 1,900)
Kids Playroom with Mini Store
Hanging Light from Decor and Mr. Sun Light from Philips
Outdoor Garage Light
Masters Bedroom Head Board Light
Mini Graden Underneath the Stairs Lightings
Our Cozy Powder Room

I bet all this lights costs hubby a lot...i was just we still have budget for the furniture's?
Hay...i feel the entire house is taking too long...
Hope we could spend our first Christmas in our new abode this year....

How about you? Are Particular when it comes to House Lighting?
Any Tips, Comments or Suggestions?

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