Saturday, October 22, 2011

Jewel's Christening at Sariaya, Quezon

Today (22nd of October 2011) we went to Sariaya, Quezon to attend the 1st birthday and Christening of Jewel  (Daughter of Hubby's Messenger). It was held in one of the old ancestral house in Sariaya which was converted into an events venue place. It was a three hours drive from Las Pinas, glad we didn't encounter any traffic along the way, but we still arrive a little late.

The Venue

The Food
(sorry for the photos, we were so hungry that we immediately munched on the food)
Sweet Beef
Leche Flan
Pansit and Rice
In fairness, the food was great.

Photos of the Day
From left to right:
Nhez, Dianne, Billy, JB, Jen with Jewel, Hubby, Me and Kimi
Dipping on the Pool
Kimi really love the pool, too bad were not really prepared for swimming...
Tres Marias
I was happy to bond with my two boys and hubby's office staffs. But a bit disappointed because i wasn't able to attend the Smart Parenting Get Together at Megamall... I'm sorry SP Sis. 
Thanks Billy for the great food...and Happy Birthday to you Jewel.

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