Saturday, October 29, 2011

Mulberry Hills Halloween Celebration

Trick or Treat!....
All the parents arrive wearing complete Halloween costume and everyone participated with the adult games prepared by the teachers. The kids had a successful and fun presentation, and they really enjoyed the games and loved the shower of candies. Though the sun was scorching hot, the celebration was still a success.

Here are some photos of the day...
My Little Elf
I decided to be an Angel for Halloween...
"Shhhhhh....I don't want to scare the kids"
Teacher Celia with Kimi and his Naughty Smile
Kimi with the Mulberry Teachers
Mulberry Hills Halloween Setup
Level Presentations
The Graders
More of Kimi
too bad his belt is falling...maybe because of his big tummy
Yay! Got his jump shot...! Love it!
Toddler Game
Congrats Kimi!...your team won the game.
Adult Game
Shower of Candies

Kimi with his Toddler Classmates
with Pretty Sophia
with his boy classmates
with Bianca...
"shhhhhh.....She is Kimi's crush"
isn't it obvious?
With Cousin Aaron
Last Shot with Mommy..aka Angel

Happy Halloween Everyone!
Have a happy long weekend!

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