Monday, October 24, 2011

Sunday Family Day

Last Sunday (23rd of October 2011), we woke up early so we decided to go to San Miguel by the Bay MOA to have a stroll with the kids.

Kimi immediately spotted Kiddie Wheels...he was so excited to try one of the mini motorcycle.

Kiddie Wheels at San Miguel by the Bay MOA
Kiddie Motorcycle Rent Php 80.00 for 8 minutes with free photo
Kuya teaching Kimi how to operate the Kiddie Motorcycle
Daddy...making sure Kimi is safe
Protective Gear is very important!
So Cute, Kimi riding a Ferrari Motorcycle
Mommy and Khloe

Kimi had so much fun with the mini motorcycle...he was bugging us so much about it. We had no choice but to bring Kimi to SM Sucat for another round of  motorcycle ride...this time at Simple Ride

Simple Ride at SM Sucat Php 35.00 for 5 minutes
Our little princess with Yaya Isay
Tom's world goodbye...Welcome Kiddie Motorcycle
oh my!...Kimi's new found amusement is a bit expensive...
need to find another alternative as soon as possible..

It was such a great Sunday...
Every moment spent with hubby and kids is really priceless.

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