Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tumbler Inserts + Barney + Vintage Carnival + Mickey Mouse Clubhouse = Free Layouts For SP Moms

I've been a member of SP Moms (Smart Parenting) for almost a month now and I've been helping other moms on their personalized layout needs....absolutely free. All they need to do is print it outside. No amount of money can replace the satisfaction and happiness i feel through their compliments and appreciation. 

here are my recent layout designs requested by SP Moms
Tumbler Insert for Mommy Kathy for her daughters baptismal souvenir
Barney Tarpo for Mommy Kristine Franco
Vintage Carnival Theme Invites for Mommy France Ortiz (aka SP Happybroomstick)
Mickey Mouse Club House Invites for Mommy Junne Kristeen Mirasol (aka SP Jaykaye)
Hope they'll like it.

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