Monday, November 28, 2011

Home Sweet Home: My Kids Playroom

I consider my kids playroom as one of my favorite area in our new house.
We really wanted to have a safe place for our kids where they can play and learn at the same time.
Even before, we tried to convert our room in the old house to a playroom. 
But the space was limited, since it also serve as our main bedroom.

Photos of the old and the new playroom

Kimi's Old Playroom

Kimi and Khloe's New Playroom
"A Real playroom...much bigger and more organize"
we're still on the hunt for thick and durable rubber mat
Left side of the Playroom
CD and Toy Rack
Khloe's mini store
Right Side of the Playroom...ohhh...there's Mr. Sun
My kids own play and entertainment room
We just placed Kimi's Little Tikes house outside to maximize their playroom space
A little bit more of childproofing, wall cushions and cleaning...
plus arrangement of Kimi and Khloe's Toys...
Then the playroom is ready for the "Tabanchie Duo"
I'm so happy and excited for them...
Thanks Idol for giving the best to our tabanchies!


Gladys | said...

wow a great-looking playroom. i just wished we had that much space in the house to set-up a playroom :)

Yanna said...

Nice playroom... :)

Zane said...

Wow! ang galing naman... importante sa lahat safety ng kids at ung kalinisan.. good luck! ^_^

gie said...

wow nice na playroom sis :) kami maliit lang house namin kaya playspace lang. hehe. sa corner ^_^

kay said...

swerte naman ng kids mo ... soon, I hope to have something like that for my baby as well

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