Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Vikings Luxury Buffet

The Best Eat and Drink Buffet in Manila
Hubby's family, specially my Dad-in-Law, really loves eat-all-you-can buffets. We almost tried all the famous buffet in the metro including the ones in the hotels. This time its time to try Vikings Luxury Buffet, i heard a lot of positive feed backs about this buffet resto, which is located at SM by the Bay Moa. Let's see if it pass the picky taste of our meticulous barometer (Daddy).
Vikings Luxury Buffet
Bottomless Juice Section
(Calamansi, Four Seasons, Iced Tea, Pineapple, Orange, Mango)
"I so love the Calamansi Juice. They also offer unlimited tea and fruit shakes at the bar"
Bottomless SODA Section
(Pepsi, Mountain Dew, 7UP)
Coffee Section (Light and Strong)
"gosh!!! this is my favorite section...Vikings coffee tastes so heavenly.
The aroma and mixture is superb. It matches my no.1 favorite coffee at UCC Cafe."
Unlimited Beer Draft Section
"It's my 1st time to dine in a buffet with unlimited beer"
Unlimited Sago't Gulaman
"Didn't had the chance to try one of my favorite pinoy refreshment since I'm already bloated with coffee"
Fruit Section
(Mango, Dragon Fruit, Watermelon, Melon, Orange, Banana, Pineapple and a lot more)
Frozen Dessert Section
Dessert Section
(Pinoy Kakanin, Halo Halo, Mouse, Cakes etc.)
Chocolate Fountain
Yogurt Section
Ice Cream Section
Grilled Food Section
Main Dish Section
Wash Area
What's on my Plate?
My First Plate
(Tacos, Devil Egg, Roasted Duck, Grilled Pork, Chicken BBQ, Fresh Salmon Bread, Meat Loaf and Asparagus Soup)
Grilled Squid
My Second Plate
(Toasted Bread with Cream Cheese, Lengua, Sausage)
"One of the best tasting Lengua I've tasted!"
Baked Talaba
"Fresh and Yummy"
Miso Soup
Vikings Coffee
"One of the best coffee I've tasted!"
My Dessert
(Strawberry Mouse, Fruit Jelly, Blueberry Mouse)
My Plain Yogurt
Photos of the Day at Vikings
Me and Hubby
Me with the Satff
Yours Truly....posing for Vikings with a super full tummy
Our Vikings Luxury Buffet is one the best (aside from Sofitel Spiral).
They offer a lot of choices... plus the foods are really superb!
I love their concept of unlimited drinks most specially the coffee part. 
The place is classy and neat. 
Two Thumbs Up for Vikings!

If you want to try Vikings Luxury Buffet, it's a must to call for a reservation.. specially during weekends, since it's always pack with people with hungry fangs like Me...
and if your on a budget's much cheaper to dine at Vikings during Weekdays Lunchtime (savings of Php 400) .

Photos from Vikings Luxury Buffet FB 

For Reservation Call:
846.3888 * 346.4888 * 846.5888 * 0917.565.3888

Opens Daily
11:00 am - 2:30 pm
5:30 pm - 10:00pm

Buffet Price
Weekday Lunch Php 688++
Weekday Dinner Php 888++
Weekend Lunch and Dinner Php 1,088++

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