Friday, December 2, 2011

Cheap Wall Decals and Stickers

Last September I went to 168 Mall and found cheap wall decals and stickers that is great for kids room.
(related link on my blog
So...last Saturday i was so busy designing my kids playroom with the wall decals and stickers that i bought.
Monkey Height Measurement Chart Wall Decal (Php 80-100)
playroom's door 
I placed the cute number sticker on the mini store's posts
the monkey at the doorknob
Then i placed the other waterproof wall sticker inside the kids CR
We also bought wall paper accent from Korea Walls and i sticked it to the rubber mat protection on the walls.

Presenting our new Tambayan!
Isn't it nice?
Cheap wall decals truly gave life and color to my kids Play/Learning Room.


gie said...

wow! the one at the door looks nice! I want!! :)

Cha said...

i love it! especially the monkeys on the walls! we'll be moving to our new house soon, maybe i should buy some wall stickers too. :)

kay said...

B has the same thing on his wall, also from 168 Mall

Teresa Ramos said...

Hi, where can I find the stall? Please I'm looking for this.

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